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Gyeon 4 Liter Exterior Kit

  • Bug&Crime 4L: Powerful formula for insects and road grime.
  • Foam 4L: Ideal for foam lances, can be diluted for various degrees of contamination.
  • Wetcoat 4L: Long-term protection (up to 12 weeks), water-repellent and suitable for various surfaces.

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Gyeon 4 Liter Exterior Kit for a long-lasting washing experience with these great products!

  • Bug&Crime 4 litres

Powerful formula for removing insects and road dirt: Efficient cleaning of stubborn dirt.
Easy to use: Spray, soak and rinse for easy application.
Safe for coatings and various surfaces: Does not damage coatings and other surfaces.

  • Foam 4 litres

Deep Cleaning: Q²M Foam penetrates deep into the dirt and grease layers on your car, loosening them and preparing them for a thorough cleaning.
Effective Containment: The unique mixture traps the loosened dirt, preventing it from returning to the surface and re-adhering.
Ideal for Foam Lances: Q²M Foam has been specially developed for use with foam lances. This makes it easy to apply a thick, even layer of foam to your car.
Can be diluted: Depending on the degree of contamination, you can dilute Q²M Foam in proportions of 1:5 for heavy contamination and 1:15 for light contamination.

  • Wetcoat 4 litres

Simple spray-on application: Easy to apply after washing.
Long-lasting protection (up to 12 weeks): Long-lasting protection for your vehicle.
Water-repellent and self-cleaning: Keeps water and dirt at bay.
Suitable for various surfaces: Versatile for use on paint, rims, plastic and windows.

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