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Gyeon Interieur & Care Kit

  • Glass cleaner: For crystal clear windows.
  • Interior cleaner: Removes dirt and stains.
  • APC Cleaner: Versatile all-in-one cleaner.
  • Vinyl Cleaner: Specially for vinyl surfaces.
  • Leather Cleaner: Cares for and cleans leather.
  • Fabric Cleaner: For textiles and fabrics.
  • Baldwipes (2x): Handy wipes for quick cleaning.
  • Scrub pad (1x): For stubborn dirt.

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Gyeon Interior & Care Kit:

  • Glass Cleaner: A powerful cleaner specially designed for glass surfaces, for crystal clear transparency.
  • Interior Cleaner: Effective for removing dirt and stains from various interior materials.
  • APC Cleaner: An all-in-one cleaner for a wide range of applications, from interior to exterior.
  • Vinyl Cleaner: Specially developed to thoroughly clean and maintain vinyl surfaces.
  • Leather Cleaner: Ideal for cleaning and caring for leather, keeping it in top condition.
  • Fabric Cleaner: Designed to clean and refresh textile and fabric surfaces.
  • Baldwipes (2x): Handy cleaning wipes for quick touch-ups and stain removal.
  • Scrub pad (1x): A scrub pad for tackling stubborn dirt and stains without damage.

The Gyeon Interior & Care Kit offers a comprehensive range of cleaning products and accessories to keep your vehicle’s interior in top condition and ensure a shiny finish.

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Weight 4.5 kg