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Gyeon Wash Kit

  • Silk dryer: Premium microfiber drying cloth.
  • Magic bucket: Special bucket for efficient washing.
  • Grit guard: Prevents scratches in wash water.
  • Wetcoat: Applying coating to a wet car.
  • Bath shampoo: High-quality car shampoo.
  • Bug & crime: Removes insects and stains.
  • Wash pad: Safe car washing with a special pad.
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What’s in the Gyeon Wash Kit:

  1. Silk dryer: A premium microfiber drying cloth for streak-free drying of your vehicle.
  2. Magic bucket: A special bucket designed to make car washing easier and more effective.
  3. Grit guard: A handy accessory that prevents scratches on car paint by keeping dirt and particles away from the wash water in the bucket.
  4. Wetcoat: A product to apply a protective coating to your car while it is still wet, for long-lasting shine and protection.
  5. Bath shampoo: A high-quality car shampoo for thorough cleaning.
  6. Bug & crime: A solution to remove insect remains and stubborn stains from car paint.
  7. Washing pad: A specially designed washcloth or pad for safe and effective car washing.

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