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The Collection Allround Coating 245 & Q² ONE EVO Light Box Pakket

Package benefits

  • Perfect combination of cloths for soft polishing without scratches: This pack contains the ideal cloths for achieving a scratch-free, high-gloss finish.
  • Allround Coating 245 ideal for coating, wax and polish: Contains Allround Coating 245, a product that is suitable for coatings, wax and polish.
  • Q² ONE EVO for improved durability and water repellency: Includes Q² ONE EVO, which ensures improved durability and water repellency of your paint.
  • Easy application for high-quality protection and shine: This package makes it easy to apply high-quality protection and shine to your vehicle.

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The Collection Allround Coating 245 & Q² ONE EVO Light Box, the perfect cleaning package for optimal results and a radiant finish! This exclusive package combines the versatile The Collection Allround Coating 245 with the advanced Q² ONE EVO Light Box for complete and high-quality care of your vehicle.

The Collection Allround Coating 245: The Premium Allround & Coating 245 cloths from The Collection are designed with specially matched fibers and an edgeless design. This ensures an effortless and scratch-free cleaning experience. Ideal for removing coating, wax and polish, and perfect for both exterior and interior cleaning.

Q² ONE EVO Light Box: The Q² ONE EVO is an advanced ceramic coating with improved durability and beautiful water repellency. The Light Box variant offers a more compact packaging, including a Q²M Coating Applicator. Q² ONE EVO is easy to apply and provides excellent protection with a glossy, mirror-like finish.

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