Perfetto Detailer Spray


  • Versatile pH-neutral detailing spray: A versatile spray with a pH-neutral formula.
  • Removes Water Spots, Chamois Streaks, Dust, Fingerprints, Smudges and More: Effective in removing various impurities such as water spots, chamois marks, dust, fingerprints and smudges.
  • Suitable for car paint, glass and interior: Can be safely used on car paint, glass and in the interior of the car.
  • Safe for all waxes and sealants: Does not pose a risk to existing waxes and sealants on the surface.
  • Can be used as a lubricant for clay: Can serve as a lubricant when using clay to remove contaminants.
  • Does not leave any greasy residue: Does not leave any greasy residue on the surface after use.

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Monello Perfetto Detailer Spray is a versatile pH-neutral detailing spray specially designed to quickly and easily freshen and protect your car. This high-quality detailing spray is effective at removing water spots, chamois marks, dust, fingerprints, smudges and more. It is suitable for use on all car paints and is safe for any wax or sealant.

What sets Perfetto Detailer Spray apart is its versatility. It can be used as a mild glass cleaner to keep your car windows sparkling clean. It is also suitable for cleaning interior surfaces such as plastic and dashboard panels, without leaving greasy residue.

Another useful area of ​​application is using Perfetto as a lubricant when claying your car. It ensures smooth movement of the clay, safely removing contaminants from the paint surface. Additionally, Perfetto can be used as an aid in drying your car, leaving you with a streak-free finish.

Perfetto Detailer Spray comes in a handy spray bottle for easy and even application. For optimal results, use it in combination with a clean microfiber cloth.

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