pH Neutral Snow Foam

Key Features and Benefits:

  • High Foaming Action: Valet Pro pH Neutral Snow Foam produces a thick layer of foam that sticks to the vehicle’s paintwork, increasing cleaning power.
  • Safe for Waxed Surfaces: This foam’s formula is gentle enough to be used on waxed surfaces without removing the protective wax layer.
  • pH Neutral: This foam is pH neutral, meaning it is safe for all surfaces and will not cause damage.
  • Easy to Use: Mix the product according to the recommended dilution (1:3 in a foam lance or 1:20 in a hand foamer), apply to the vehicle, allow the foam to run off but not dry, and rinse the vehicle with a high-pressure cleaner .

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Valet Pro pH Neutral Snow Foam is a powerful pre-wash foam specifically designed to loosen surface contaminants and dirt from your vehicle’s paint. This high foaming foam adheres to the surface and allows the cleaning agents to penetrate deep into the dirt, making the removal of dirt and mud easier and safer for the paint.

Valet Pro pH Neutral Snow Foam provides a convenient and effective way to prepare your vehicle for a thorough cleaning. The foam adheres to surface contaminants, making them easier to remove without damage to the paint. Additionally, it is safe for use on waxed surfaces, making it an ideal choice for regular maintenance.

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