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Q² CanCoat EVO Protection Kit

  • Improved: formula in a convenient package
  • 12-18 months: durability
  • Complete set: with degreaser and cloths

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The Gyeon Q² CanCoat EVO Essentials Protection Kit is a complete kit that gives you the right products to apply the Q² CanCoat EVO perfectly after cleaning or polishing the paint.

With Q²M Prep you remove polishing oils and grease so that the coating can adhere optimally. Use these with the supplied Q²M Baldwipe EVO microfibre cloths so that no remaining residue can affect the adhesion of the coating.

Then apply Q² CanCoat EVO using the white cloth supplied in the product packaging. Work per panel and remove directly with the Gyeon Q²M Baldwipes. Use one cloth to wipe and a second to rub the panel again. Keep the paint dry for at least 4 hours. The longer the treated paintwork remains dry, the better.

Kit contents:

1x Q2 CanCoat Evo 200ml Box
4x Q2 Baldwipe Evo Blue
1x Q2 Baldwipe Evo White
3x Sprayers