Q² Tire

  • Innovative SiO2-based formula for lasting protection: Advanced formula for long-lasting protection.
  • Matte to Satin Finish for a Stylish Look: Offers a contemporary, matte to satin finish for a stylish look.
  • Long-term protection against UV radiation and discoloration: Protects against UV radiation and prevents discoloration of surfaces.
  • Fast drying time and anti-static properties: Dries quickly and keeps surfaces dust-free with anti-static properties.

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The Gyeon Q² Tire is an innovative SiO2-based tire coating designed to not only restore the appearance of your tires, but also provide a long-lasting protective layer that is resistant to dirt and weather influences. Unlike traditional tire treatments, the Q² Tire goes further in durability and water repellency, setting it apart from other products on the market.

This advanced formula not only provides protection, but also gives a matte to satin finish to your tires. In addition, it provides long-lasting protection against harmful UV rays, reducing discoloration and degradation of the tires. After applying the coating, it dries quickly and the surface becomes antistatic, which helps to repel dirt and dust.

Please note that the durability of the coating may vary depending on factors such as weather and driving conditions. Still, the Gyeon Q² Tire remains an excellent choice for those looking for long-lasting tire protection with a professional finish.

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