Q² Trim 30ml – Coating

  • Advanced formula with SiO2 and binder: Contains advanced ingredients such as SiO2 and binders for improved performance.
  • Permanently restores moldings and plastic parts: Permanent repair of moldings and plastic parts.
  • Provides excellent protection against UV radiation and oxidation: Effectively protects against harmful UV radiation and oxidation.
  • Maintains Original Factory Shine and Appearance: Keeps trim and plastic parts looking like new.
  • Ideal for refurbished headlights: Perfect for refurbishing headlights and other plastic components.

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The Gyeon Q² Trim – 30ml kit is the pinnacle of technological advancement when it comes to protecting your moldings and plastic parts. This advanced product is not only ideal for restoring headlights, but also prevents oxidation and loss of brightness on various surfaces.

The unique formula of Q2 Trim combines SiO2 with a special binder, specially designed for plastic. The result? A lasting transformation of moldings and plastic parts, with excellent protection as the icing on the cake. The main function of this product is to repel UV radiation and oxidation. This means your trim will retain its original factory shine and appearance, even over time.

With the Q2 Trim – 30ml glass coating kit you get an advanced solution to improve the lifespan and appearance of your moldings and plastic parts. Protection and repair come together in this product, resulting in long-lasting beauty and shine.

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