Q²M BaldWipe EVO

Most important features:

  • High Quality: Made of high quality microfiber for optimal performance.
  • Gentle and Effective: The cloth is gentle on surfaces but at the same time very effective in removing dirt and product residue.
  • Edgeless Design: The ultrasonic cutting method provides an edgeless finish, which minimizes the chance of scratches.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for various applications, including cleaning, polishing and maintaining your car.

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The Gyeon Q²M BaldWipe EVO is a high-quality microfiber cloth that excels in both softness and effectiveness. This cloth is versatile in use and provides excellent performance when cleaning, polishing or removing coatings on your car. Thanks to a completely new microfiber weaving method and a higher weight per square meter than before, this cloth offers improved softness and absorbency. The ultrasonic cutting method ensures a safe and edgeless finish.

Discover the Gyeon Q²M BaldWipe EVO, your perfect companion for all your car maintenance needs. With its low pile and rimless design, this microfiber cloth consistently delivers impressive results. Whether you are cleaning, polishing or maintaining your vehicle, the Q²M BaldWipe EVO guarantees top performance.

This all-rounder among microfiber cloths is designed to meet all your needs and offers the ideal combination of softness, absorption and performance.

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Cloth type

Microfiber cloth


40cm x 40cm

Suitable for the washing machine


Suitable for the dryer