Q²M MetalPolish

  • Suitable for metal, aluminum, stainless steel and chrome parts: Versatile in use for various metal surfaces.
  • Both manual and machine processing possible: Can be applied by hand or using a machine.
  • High-quality abrasive grains for corrective properties: Contains high-quality abrasive grains for corrective action on surfaces.
  • Leaves a beautiful shine: Results in a beautiful shine on the treated metal parts.
  • Can even remove abrasive scratches during mechanical processing: Effective in removing abrasive scratches even with mechanical application.

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The Gyeon Q²M MetalPolish is the ideal solution for polishing metal, aluminum, stainless steel and chrome parts. This powerful product offers exceptional effectiveness, safety and ease of use. Whether you work by hand or machine, Q²M MetalPolish delivers impressive results.

The Q²M MetalPolish formula contains a balanced mix of high-quality abrasive grit, which ensures excellent corrective properties. At the same time, it leaves a stunning shine on the treated surface. The versatility of this product allows you to apply it both manually and mechanically.

When you machine Q²M MetalPolish in combination with the right machine, pad and technique, it is even possible to remove sanding scratches. This makes it an indispensable tool for repairing and refreshing metal surfaces. Add a new shine and brightness to your metalwork with the Gyeon Q²M MetalPolish.