Yum Tyre Brush

Why the Yum Tire Brush?:

  • Optimal Cleaning: Our tire brush features semi-rigid bristles that have been carefully selected to add sufficient grip and cleaning power, without being extremely stiff. This means that you can clean thoroughly without experiencing back splashes or difficulty applying pressure.
  • Perfect Preparation: The Yum Tire Brush is the ideal accessory to prepare your tires for the application of tire dressings and conditioners. A clean and well-cleaned belt ensures optimal adhesion of these products and a long-lasting shine.
  • Gentle Tire Wall Cleaning: Our tire brush gently cleans the tire wall, removing dirt and contaminants without the risk of damage.

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With the Yumcars Tire Brush you are assured of the best care for your tires. This is an essential part of your car care routine to ensure your tires always look their best and are thoroughly cleaned before applying tire dressing.

The Yum Tire Brush is specially designed to remove dirt and mud, giving your tires a fresh look. The durable bristles and ergonomic handle make cleaning your tires easy and efficient. Whether you’re a seasoned detailer or just getting started in car care, this brush is a must-have for maintaining the appearance of your tires. Make sure your vehicle is always in top shape with the Yum Tire Brush.

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