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Yum wash kit

  • Magic Bucket: A special bucket designed for easy car washing with convenient lid and sturdy handle.
  • Grit Guard: Prevents scratches and swirls by keeping dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket.
  • The Collection Drying Cloth: An ultra-soft, absorbent cloth for streak-free drying of your car. The Collection Wasmitt: Safely remove dirt and grime and protect paint from scratches with soft fibers.
  • Yum Foam: Powerful foaming car shampoo for thorough cleaning.
  • Yum Wash: The finishing touch for a clean car, cleans and refreshes the paint with protective shine.

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What’s in the Yumcars Wash Kit:

  1. Magic Bucket: Our special bucket is designed with useful features to make washing your car easier than ever before. With a convenient lid and sturdy handle, this bucket is a must-have for any car cleaning adventure.
  2. Grit Guard: Protect your paint from scratches and swirls by keeping dirt and grit at the bottom of the bucket. The Grit Guard is an innovative solution to keep your wash mitt or sponge clean during washing.
  3. The Collection: Drying Towel: Dry your car quickly and streak-free with our premium drying towel. This ultra-soft and absorbent cloth makes your car shine without leaving scratches.
  4. The Collection Wash Mitt: The wash mitt your car deserves. With its soft fibers it safely removes dirt and grime, while at the same time protecting your paint from scratches.
  5. Yum Foam: Our powerful foaming car shampoo creates a dense and luscious foam that loosens dirt and grease, leaving your car thoroughly cleaned and ready to shine.
  6. Yum Wash: The finishing touch for your car wash routine. This special spray cleans and refreshes your paint and leaves a protective shine. It’s the icing on the cake for a perfectly clean car.

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