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Yum Wheel Woolies – Medium

  • 18 Inch Handle: Each of our Yum Wheel Woolies comes with an 18 inch handle. This ensures that you can clean even the most difficult to reach areas of your wheels, such as the back of the rim.
  • Versatility: Although designed for wheels, our Wheel Woolies have many more uses. For example, use them to clean the grill, door handles, emblems and other hard-to-reach surfaces.
  • No Back Splash: The Yum Wheel Woolies provide excellent stirring power without back splash. This means you don’t have to worry about making a mess during the cleaning process.
  • American Quality: Unlike many imitations from China, our Yum Wheel Woolies meet strict American quality standards. We pride ourselves on offering high-quality brushes that deliver consistently reliable performance.

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At Yumcars they understand the importance of thorough wheel cleaning. That’s why we offer the Yum Wheel Woolies, high-quality brushes specially designed for unparalleled cleaning of your wheels. These brushes are available in Large and Medium sizes and are made of flexible material, allowing easy access to even the most difficult to reach areas on your rims.

With the Yum Wheel Woolies you can effectively remove stubborn dirt, brake dust and other contaminants, while maintaining the quality and appearance of your wheels. Whether you’re a seasoned auto detailer or just want to care for your own vehicle, these brushes make cleaning your wheels easy and efficient. Invest in the best care for your wheels with the Yum Wheel Woolies and enjoy a fantastic result

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