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New Q² VIEW EVO – 2x20ml Kit – Window Coating

  • A powerful: water-repellent treatment specially designed for car windows.
  • Protects: not only against rain and water splashes, but also keeps other dirt away, keeping your windows clean for longer.
  • Lasts: effective for up to 36,000 kilometers, so you can benefit from its protective properties for a long time.

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Q² VIEW EVO – 2x20ml Kit – Window Coating

Q² View EVO is a household name in the industry when it comes to window coatings, loved by advanced car enthusiasts and car detailing professionals alike. This improved version, Q² View EVO, offers an even easier application thanks to the new Q²M GlassPolish, with increased durability and dirt resistance.

The coating remains on the windshield for up to 24 months, even under intensive use, and on the side windows for up to 36 months. Q² View EVO not only improves visibility during poor weather conditions, but also reduces the adhesion of ice and snow, keeping windows clear and increasing driving comfort.

For maximum effect, good surface preparation is essential. Use Q²M GlassPolish to clean the surface and prepare it for coating. This product acts as both a cleaner and an adhesive. Make sure there is a light residue film left before continuing.

TIP: Preferably use a machine with a microfiber pad at low speeds to apply Q²M GlassPolish. Manual application with the supplied applicator is also possible. Remove the residue with Q²M Prep and a microfiber cloth.

Do not apply Q² Repel EVO too liberally and distribute it evenly with a circular motion. Repeat the process for a thicker layer, especially on the windshield. Remove any excess residue with a damp cloth.