Q² Wax 175 gr

  • Combination of traditional and modern care technology: Combines both traditional and modern approaches for effective car care.
  • Fluorine-based formula for great performance: Uses a fluorine-based formula for excellent performance.
  • Easy to Apply and Remove: Easy to apply and just as easy to remove for a hassle-free experience.
  • Suitable for all paint colours: Can be safely used on cars with different paint colours.

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The Gyeon Q² Wax is a remarkable product that combines traditional car polish with modern technology and innovative packaging. It is Gyeon’s very first wax and embodies a perfect synergy between old-fashioned care and advanced performance.

The Q² Wax is formulated with a fluorine-based formula, similar to the legendary Q² Booster. This reactive top layer ensures excellent performance, beautiful water beads and a brilliant shine on the surface. This makes the wax suitable not only for independent car enthusiasts, but also for professionals and detailers who are looking for an entry-level protection product or an addition to existing ceramic coatings.

This wax not only offers an exceptional shine, but is also distinguished by its incredible ease of use. Applying and removing the Q² Wax is simple and effortless, making the process a real pleasure. In addition, this extremely glossy wax is suitable for all paint colors and offers excellent hydrophobic properties.

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