Q²M Clay Mild

  • Soft clay for effective removal of tree resin, insects and stuck-on dirt: Effortlessly removes difficult contaminants from your paint.
    Ideal for maintenance with minimal risk of marring: Suitable for careful maintenance without the risk of scratches.
  • Handy storage box for long-term use: Includes a handy storage box to keep the clay in optimal condition.
  • Safe and effective for preserving your paintwork: Maintains the integrity of your paintwork while effectively removing dirt and contamination.

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Gyeon Q²M Clay Mild is a soft detailing clay specially designed for effortlessly and effectively removing stubborn contamination such as tree sap, insects and other stuck residues on your car’s paintwork.

This mild clay is the ideal choice for maintenance tasks, including quickly and efficiently removing insects from the front bumper or windshield. The chance of marring, or dull paint, is minimal when using Q²M Clay Mild. For extra certainty, it is recommended to test the product on an inconspicuous area first, especially if you do not plan to polish or use a cleaner afterwards.

Gyeon Q²M Clay Mild comes in a handy storage box, and each block has a long lifespan, making the product economical to use. With this detailing clay you can safely remove even the most stubborn dirt, without damaging your paint.

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