Q²M FabricCleaner


  • Powerful Cleaning: Effectively removes dirt, stains, and odors from fabric upholstery.
  • Safe to Use: Suitable for all types of textiles.
  • Two Application Methods: Can be used as a one-step cleaner or as a pre-spray for wet cleaning with a vacuum cleaner.
  • Perfect Preparation: Prepares fabric for the application of Q² FabricCoat.

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The Gyeon Q²M FabricCleaner is the powerful solution for thoroughly cleaning fabric upholstery. Developed to effectively and safely remove dirt, stains, and unwanted odors from various types of textiles. This cleaner ensures that the interior of your car is fresh, clean, and perfectly prepared for treatment with Q² FabricCoat.

You can use the Q²M FabricCleaner in two ways. Use it as a one-step cleaner, applying the product with a brush and/or microfiber cloth. Or use it as an effective pre-spray for wet cleaning in combination with a vacuum cleaner. It not only cleans but also prepares the fabric for the application of Q² FabricCoat, our potent fabric coating.

With the Gyeon Q²M FabricCleaner, you can be sure of a deep cleaning of your fabric upholstery, making your interior look like new and ready for further protection.

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