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Q²M GlassPack EVO – 2-pack

  • 2-pack microfiber cloths for windows: This set contains two microfiber cloths specially designed for window cleaning.
  • Q²M Glass Wipe: A cloth that is perfect for streak-free glass cleaning.
  • Q²M BaldWipe (white): This white cloth is ideal for removing glass coatings and for the finishing touch after cleaning with the Q²M Glass Wipe.
  • Size: 40 x 40 cm: Each cloth measures 40 x 40 centimeters, making them easy to handle for various cleaning tasks.

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Discover the must-have glass pack for glass cleaning!

With Q²M GlassWipe EVO you can effortlessly clean glass without streaks. Thanks to the absorbency of 390 grams/m², this cloth not only absorbs dirt, but also your favorite glass cleaner, leaving only shiny clean glass behind. It is the ultimate solution for a flawless result!

The Q²M BaldWipe EVO is a soft, yet highly effective edgeless cloth, perfect for removing glass coatings or a final, perfecting wipe after using the Q²M GlassWipe EVO. The ultrasonic cut ensures a precise and safe finish without edges.

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