Q²M Iron WheelCleaner

  • Efficient removal of brake dust and dirt: Quick and thorough cleaning of rims.
  • Safe for different rim types: Suitable for various rim materials.
  • Protects against rust formation: Prevents further rust formation on rims.
  • Easy to use for glossy results: Easy to use for a glossy and clean finish.


Gyeon Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate solution for cleaning your rims. This advanced formula is specially designed to safely remove brake dust, industrial deposits and other stubborn contaminants, while leaving your rims’ finish intact. The unique composition ensures that the product adheres to the contaminants and dissolves them, making your rims look like new again.

The Iron Wheel Cleaner is safe for various types of wheels, including painted, polished and anodized finishes. It not only removes brake dust, but also iron particles stuck in the surface. This not only keeps your rims clean, but also protects them against further corrosion.

Instructions for use: Apply the Gyeon Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner generously to your rims. Allow the product to sit for several minutes while it changes color as it reacts with the contaminants. If necessary, use a brush to clean hard-to-reach areas. Rinse the rims thoroughly with water.

Experience the effective and safe cleaning power of Gyeon Q²M Iron Wheel Cleaner and enjoy shiny clean rims.

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