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Q²M Suede EVO 10x10cm – 10-pack

  • Ultra soft suede cloth: ideal for applying coatings
  • Borderless: design
  • Perfect for: applying coatings
  • Size 10x10cm: Contents: 10 wipes

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Gyeon Q²M Suede EVO wipes are ultra soft and without a finished edge.
These wipes are perfect for applying coatings.

The new EVO suede wipes are even better quality with 200 gram/m² material and improved ultrasonic finish on the edges.

Whether you’re a seasoned professional or an avid car enthusiast, these wipes allow you to work with precision and refinement. Experience the perfect combination of comfort and performance in every application, achieving a flawless finish that will turn heads and admire. Gyeon Q²M Suede EVO wipes – where luxury and functionality come together for an unparalleled detailing experience.