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Bug Swipe Insect Remover

  • Special formula for effortless insect removal: Developed to remove insect remains with ease.
  • High-quality alkaline formulation with special active ingredients: Contains high-quality ingredients to effectively treat insect remains.
  • Softens and removes even stuck insect remains: Loosens and thoroughly removes stuck insect remains.
  • Safe for paint and other surfaces: Can be safely used on paint and various surfaces without causing damage
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Nuke Guys Bug Swipe Insect Remover is the solution to effortlessly remove insects, pollen and other organic residues. This special cleaner has been developed to make cleaning insect residue easy, and the high-quality alkaline formulation uses special active ingredients to effectively soften even the most stuck-on insect residue.

The versatility of Nuke Guys Insect Remover extends beyond just cleaning the exterior of your car. It is also highly recommended for cleaning your engine, where organic residues often accumulate. For best results when removing bugs and cleaning your vehicle, use the Bug Swiper 2in1 Wash Pad from Nuke Guys in combination with this powerful cleaner.

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