Clay Rider

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Minimizes Risk of Marring: Using Valet Pro Clay Rider reduces the risk of marring, which can occur due to friction between the clay and the paintwork. This keeps your paint in pristine condition.
  • Compatible with Various Clay Types: This lubricant is suitable for use with virtually all types of detail clays, making it very versatile for a variety of detailing jobs.
  • Easy to Use: Spray Clay Rider directly onto the surface to be treated and distribute it evenly. This creates a smooth film that allows the clay to glide effortlessly over the surface.
  • Safe for Paintwork: The product is designed not to damage your vehicle’s paintwork and leaves no residue. This ensures a flawless finish.

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Valet Pro Clay Rider is a specially designed product to be used in combination with detail clay for smooth and scratch-free cleaning of your paintwork. This advanced clay agent is designed to reduce resistance between the clay and your vehicle’s surface, making the process of removing contaminants smoother and safer.

With Valet Pro Clay Rider you can make clay easier and safer than ever before. This high-quality lubricant minimizes friction and helps you provide your vehicle with a flawless, smooth finish.

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