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Detail Factory – Tire Scrub Brush

  • Metal-free design to prevent scratches.
  • High-quality, chemically resistant bristles. Effortless restoration of the original shine.
  • Perfect addition for car cleaning.
  • Length of 22.5 cm for precise and easy use.

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Detail Factory – Tire Scrub Brush:

The Detail Factory ProGrip Tire Brush offers the ultimate solution for thorough tire cleaning! Thanks to compact dimensions and shorter bristles, you can clean dirty tires more efficiently and faster. The rubber ergonomic handle provides a firm grip, even when wet, and the 22.5 cm long handle makes use comfortable. With 1.75 cm chemical resistant bristles you can easily achieve deep cleaning of rubber surfaces. Spray your favorite tire cleaner onto the brush, scrub the surface and watch dirt and grime quickly come off. If necessary, rinse and repeat. After use, rinse the brush clean and hang it up for safe storage. The Detail Factory ProGrip Tire Brush is indispensable for thorough cleaning of your tires!

How do you use the Detail Factory – Tire Scrub Brush?

1. Spray your favorite tire cleaner liberally onto the sidewall of the tire.
2. Allow the product to work for 1-3 minutes.
3. Use the Tire Brush to rub loose dirt.
4. If the foam remains brown/yellow, repeat until it remains white; then you know that the tire is completely clean.
5. Rinse away product residue with a high-pressure cleaner.
6. After the tire is dry, apply your favorite tire dressing.
7. Hang the brush to dry and prevent mold formation.