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Duft Spray

  • Three enchanting scents to choose from: Sweet Geisha, Flores Scent and Morning Serenade: Offers a range of attractive scent options.
  • Unique combination of high-quality fragrance oils and secret recipes: Creates an exclusive fragrance experience with carefully selected ingredients.
  • Just a few sprays for long-lasting freshness and an immersive fragrance experience: A small amount is sufficient for a long-lasting and pleasant fragrance.
  • Eliminates unwanted odors and creates an invigorating car interior: Removes unpleasant odors and transforms the car interior into an invigorating environment.


Experience the enchanting scents of Nuke Guys Car Scent and give your car interior a refreshing and revitalizing boost. With a choice of three unique scents – Sweet Geisha, Flores Scent and Morning Serenade – you create a personal scent experience that makes every ride special.

Nuke Guys Car Scent is designed to infuse your car with long-lasting scents that linger. Choose Sweet Geisha and enjoy a sweet and seductive scent. Go for Flores Scent and embrace the floral and elegant aromas. Or choose Morning Serenade and start your day with the invigorating and uplifting scent.

Each bottle contains a unique combination of high-quality fragrance oils and secret recipes. Just a few sprays are enough to transform your car into a scented paradise. Experience long-lasting freshness and leave unwanted odors behind.

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Sweet Geisha, Flores Scent, Morning Serenade