EZ Detail GO

What makes the EZ Detail GO so special:

  • Extremely Soft Bristles: The brush is equipped with extremely soft bristles that gently clean your rims without causing scratches. These bristles are made of scratch-free Memory Nylex and automatically return to their original shape when they come into contact with warm water.
  • Less Splash: The dense structure of the brush means less water and detergent splashes during cleaning, keeping you cleaner and with less mess to clean up.
  • Chemical Resistant: The bristles of the brush are chemical resistant, meaning you can use it with any wheel cleaner of your choice without worrying about damage to the brush.
  • Sturdy Handle and Anti-Slip Grip: The sturdy handle and non-slip grip allow you to hold the brush firmly and maneuver it easily while cleaning your rims.
  • Suitable for Every Rim: Whether you have alloy, steel or polished rims, the EZ Detail GO is suitable for all types of rims.

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Cleaning rims can be a challenging task, but with the EZ Detail GO it becomes child’s play. This brush is the latest addition to the EZ Detail range and is designed to make cleaning your rims easier and more effective than ever.

Cleaning your rims has never been as easy and effective as with the EZ Detail GO. It is the ultimate wheel brush for car enthusiasts who strive for a flawless and shiny finish.

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160 gram


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