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Dope Fiber Green Finish Pad 34mm

  • The Finish Pad Dope: is a soft foam pad
  • 34mm throw: useful in combination with the Flex PXE 80
  • The trapeze shape: of the pad provides a wider contact surface on the paintwork than on the side with the Velcro.

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The Finish Pad Dope is a soft foam pad, suitable for removing minor paint imperfections, such as light wash scratches and holograms.

The pad is trapezoidal. This means that the contact surface of the pad on the paintwork is wider than the side of the Velcro. This is especially important for polishing machines with a large eccentric deflection, so that the pad can deform much less during polishing.

The Finish Pad Dope can be used with almost all mild polishing agents.