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Guanto Cerchio – Tricolore Wheel Mitt

Most important features:

  • Effective Rim Cleaning: Removes dirt and brake dust from rims quickly and effectively.
  • Long-haired Microfibers: Retain dirt and prevent scratches on the rims.
  • Compact Size: Can easily reach all the nooks and crannies of the rims.
  • High Absorbency: Absorbs a lot of water and soap for thorough cleaning.

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Monello Guanto Cerchio – Tricolore Wheel Mitt is a high-quality rim cleaning glove for quickly and effectively cleaning your car’s rims. Rims quickly collect dirt and brake dust, requiring regular cleaning to maintain their appearance and prevent damage. This Tricolore Wheel Mitt makes this task simple and efficient.

The Guanto Cerchio features long-haired microfibers that easily retain and remove dirt and contaminants without leaving scratches. Thanks to the compact size, you can use the glove in every nook and cranny of your rims. In addition, the glove has a high absorption capacity for water and soap, allowing you to clean rims thoroughly and without streaks.

For the best result, use the Guanto Cerchio Tricolore Wheel Mitt in combination with Monello Non-Ferro rim cleaner. Dirty rims are definitely a thing of the past!

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