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New Q² RIM EVO 30ml – Rims Coating

  • Provides: excellent protection against dirt and water, keeping your rims clean for longer and making them easier to clean.
  • Durability: Up to 18 months or 45,000 km, keeping your rims protected and looking like new, even after extended use.
  • This coating: can withstand high temperatures, making it perfect for rims that are exposed to intense heat while driving.

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New Q² RIM EVO 30ml – Rims Coating

There are different types of wheels available on the market, including painted, powder-coated, anodized and polished. Whatever they are, Q² Rim EVO is the ideal product to protect them all. Thanks to its advanced EVO formula, it provides self-cleaning properties that help reduce the build-up of dirt and brake dust, requiring less frequent washes.

Rims are exposed to temperature changes, not only during braking but also due to their proximity to the engine compartment and exhausts. Q² Rim EVO can withstand temperatures of over 800 °C without losing its original properties. In addition, it does not add shine to the surface, but gives depth and a darkening effect to any color or finish, making it also suitable for matte and satin finishes.

The EVO formula has been completely renewed with improved self-cleaning properties and easier processing. Q² Rim EVO is up to 50% more durable and therefore lasts even longer than its predecessors!

How best to apply?

Applying Q² Rim EVO requires only one thick coat, although it can be applied in two coats if desired to extend durability. A minimum period of 1 hour must be allowed between each coat. This coating can be applied to all finishes of glossy and matte rims.

TIP: Always degrease the rims with Prep first.


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