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New Q² TRIM EVO – 30ml Plastic Coating

  • The Gyeon Q2 TRIM EVO: restores and protects moldings, plastic parts and even weathered headlights
  • It is a special blend of SiO2: and binder for permanent repair solutions and protection against UV radiation and oxidation
  • The EVO formula: has better self-cleaning properties and a thicker protective layer, making it more durable

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The Gyeon Q2 TRIM EVO represents the most advanced technology to restore and protect your car’s moldings and plastic parts. The product delivers excellent results, especially in rejuvenating weathered headlights, while also acting as a preventative against oxidation and loss of clarity.

Q2 Trim EVO is a unique mix of SiO2 and binder, specifically designed to treat plastic. It provides a permanent solution for repairing moldings while guaranteeing excellent protection. The main goals are to prevent UV radiation and prevent oxidation, so that the moldings retain that ‘just out of the factory’ appearance for a long time.

With a completely new formula, EVO offers an improved self-cleaning effect and an even thicker protective layer. The Q2 TRIM EVO is up to 50% more durable, meaning it will last even longer than its predecessors.

Important: Before applying Q² Trim, it is necessary to thoroughly degrease the surface with, for example, Gyeon Q²M Prep.