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Pennello Bianco Soft Detailing Brush


  • Soft, premium PET fibers: Made from soft, high-quality PET fibers for effective cleaning.
  • Long, straight bristles for precise cleaning: The long, straight bristles ensure precise cleaning.
  • Safe for Various Surfaces: Can be used safely on various surfaces without causing damage.
  • Ergonomic handle with non-slip grip: The ergonomic handle has a non-slip grip for comfortable use.
  • Opening for easy drying after use: Equipped with an opening for easy drying after use.

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The Monello Pennello Bianco Soft Detailing Brush is a versatile detailing brush that is suitable for all kinds of applications, both inside and outside the car. This brush has long, straight bristles made from compact premium PET fibers, making it perfect for cleaning even the tightest and most difficult-to-reach corners.

The Pennello Bianco is particularly suitable for cleaning rims, brand logos, window seals, door frames, air vents, plastic interior parts and much more. Its soft bristles ensure that it can be safely used on various surfaces without causing scratches.

The ergonomically designed handle of the Pennello Bianco is equipped with rubber anti-slip inserts, which ensures a comfortable and optimal grip, even when the brush is wet. In addition, the brush has a handy opening that allows it to dry properly after use, which extends the life of the brush.

Whether you are a professional detailer or want to care for your car yourself, the Monello Pennello Bianco Soft Detailing Brush is an essential tool for achieving a thorough and precise cleaning, even in hard-to-reach places.

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