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Q² Mohs EVO Light Box 50ml – Paint Coating

  • Improved durability and water repellency: Provides longer life and improved water repellency.
  • Excellent resistance to scratches, discoloration and fading: Protects against scratches and keeps paint color bright.
  • Includes compact Q²M Coating Applicator: Comes with a handy applicator for easy application.
  • Minimal film thickness shrinkage for long-lasting performance: Maintains consistent film thickness for long-lasting protection.
  • Gives a deep, radiant wet look to the paint: Provides a deep, glossy finish to your vehicle’s paint.

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The Gyeon Q² Mohs EVO Light Box offers an improved formula for durability and water repellency. This protective glascoating designed to resist scratches, discoloration and fading, keeping your vehicle’s paint in top condition for longer. The Q² MOHS EVO Light Box contains a smaller package without Q²M Cure and a compact Q²M Coating Applicator.

The Gyeon Q² Mohs EVO is the hardest glass coating of its kind, with an added hardness of 3H to the average car paint hardness of 3-4 Mohs. This makes it exceptionally resistant to scratches and damage. The durability of this quartz coating is impressive, with only a 20% decrease in water repellency over 12 months. This makes it an excellent choice for long-lasting protection against various environmental factors, and it even lasts three times longer than traditional quality waxes.

What also distinguishes the Q² Mohs EVO is the minimal shrinkage of the layer thickness after application. While other coatings shrink significantly, the Q² Mohs EVO retains its thickness and performance. The coating not only offers protection, but also a beautiful visual result. In contrast to the glass-like appearance of Q² Pure EVO, Q² Mohs EVO gives a deep gloss and radiant effect to the paint, creating an impressive wet look.

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