Nastro Masking Tape


  • Made from high-quality Japanese washi paper: Made from high-quality Japanese washi paper for optimal quality.
  • Thinner and easier to use than standard tapes: Thinner and easier to use compared to standard tapes.
  • Leaves No Adhesive Residue: Leaves no sticky adhesive residue when removed.
  • Resistant to UV radiation: Resists the harmful effects of UV radiation.
  • Reinforced carrier for high tear resistance: Has a reinforced carrier for excellent tear resistance.
  • Strong adhesion even on damp and rough surfaces: Provides strong adhesion even on damp and rough surfaces.
    Suitable for both interior and exterior use: Can be used both indoors and outdoors for various applications.


Monello Nastro Masking Tape is a high-quality masking tape specially designed for car detailing. This tape is made from Japanese washi paper, which offers unique advantages over standard crepe tapes.

Washi paper is thinner than traditional tapes, making it much easier to polish along the tape. This allows you to create sharper lines and curves for precision work. In addition, it leaves no adhesive residue and is more resistant to UV radiation, which is essential for outdoor use.

Monello Nastro Masking Tape has a reinforced carrier that ensures high tear resistance. The special acrylic adhesive ensures a strong bond, even on damp and rough surfaces, without leaving any adhesive residue. This makes it ideal for masking vulnerable and sensitive parts, both in the interior and exterior of the car.

Whether you are a professional detailer or want to maintain your car yourself, Monello Nastro Masking Tape is an indispensable tool for any polishing session. It ensures that you can work accurately without the risk of paint damage.

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19mm, 25mm, 30mm, 38mm