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Q² One EVO Light box 50ml – Paint Coating

  • Better durability and resistance to chemicals: Improved protection against chemical influences.
  • Easy to apply, effortless to remove: Simple application and removal.
    Up to 24 months or 25,000 km long-lasting protection and shine: Provides long-lasting protection and shine over an extended period.

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Upgrade your car care with the Gyeon Q² ONE EVO Light Box.

This innovative glass coating, now available in a convenient package, offers improved durability and is resistant to chemical influences such as foams and prewashes. Whether you are an enthusiastic home user or a professional, Q² ONE EVO is the ideal choice for those who want to shine with minimal effort.

Powerful and Easy to Use
Q² ONE EVO is based on an advanced formula and delivers a glossy, glaze-like finish. Application is a simple process similar to natural wax, and the included Q²M Coating Applicator ensures even distribution. Even taking it off is effortless.

Long Lasting Results
With Q² ONE EVO you can enjoy protection and shine for up to 24 months or 25,000 km. Don’t let the weather hold you back any longer – with this coating you can even skip a wash and still keep a radiant vehicle.

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