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Q² Rim 30ml – Wheel Coating

  • Quartz-based formula for long-lasting protection
  • Incredible self-cleaning effect
  • Resistant to chemicals with pH between 2 and 11
  • Prevents the adhesion of brake dust and iron stains
  • Suitable for various rim types, including polished spokes

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The Gyeon Q² Rim is a revolutionary quartz-based sealing product, specially designed for rims. This product offers unparalleled durability and impressive self-cleaning performance, keeping your rims clean and shiny for longer. With a resistance to chemicals with a pH between 2 and 11, Q² Rim glass coating is the ultimate protection for your rims.

One of the biggest challenges with rims is removing brake dust and iron stains. Q² Rim offers the perfect solution for this. It prevents brake dust and iron stains from adhering to the surface of the rim, making cleaning an effortless task. Whether your rims are glossy, powder coated, anodized or polished, Q² Rim provides the ultimate protection for all rim types.

Even classic car owners will notice how much easier it is to give polished spokes that sparkling shine again. What seemed difficult before now becomes feasible thanks to Q² Rim. Add long-lasting protection and stunning shine to your rims with this advanced sealing product.

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