Q²M Bathe

  • Pure, daily shampoo: A mild shampoo suitable for daily use.
    pH neutral: Maintains the correct acidity for delicate surfaces.
  • Contains no added oils, polymers or waxes: No extra residue or layers on your vehicle.
  • Safe for wax, sealant and coating: Does not damage existing protective layers.


The Gyeon Q²M Bathe is part of Gyeon’s extensive range of maintenance products. This shampoo has a pH-neutral formula and is therefore suitable for all surfaces. Thanks to its powerful cleaning properties, it is the perfect choice when preparing your vehicle for a thorough detailing.

The Q²M Bathe is very concentrated, which means that you can use it sparingly. You can use it regularly and enjoy a smooth and clean surface every time.

It is important to mention that Gyeon Q²M Bathe does not contain added oils, polymers or waxes to improve shine. It is a pure, cleansing shampoo. This makes it ideal for maintaining the quartz coating on your paintwork, as it produces an ultra-smooth result without leaving any unwanted residue.

The shampoo contains mild, cleansing ingredients and a water-soluble lubricant, which ensures an extremely smooth application. Of course, this shampoo is also suitable for any other type of paint protection, whether it is wax or sealant. Gyeon Q²M Bathe is not only user-friendly, but also cost-efficient.

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400ml, 1000ml