Q²M Bathe+

  • The world’s first pH-neutral shampoo with SiO2: Innovative formula for a unique cleaning experience.
  • Creates a protective layer that repels moisture and dirt: Protects and keeps moisture and dirt at bay.
  • Extends the time between washes: Less frequent washes thanks to long-lasting protection.
  • Efficient and pleasant washing experience with long-lasting shine: Fast and pleasant cleaning with lasting shine.


Gyeon Q²M Bathe+ is a true breakthrough in car washing, as the world’s very first pH-neutral shampoo with SiO2. This innovative formula not only creates a clean car, but also leaves a protective layer that powerfully repels moisture and dirt. This extends the time between washes and allows you to enjoy a shiny car for longer.

Washing with Q²M Bathe+ is a real pleasure. Not only do you clean your car, but you also lay the foundation for long-lasting shine and protection. The characteristic scent of the Gyeon range makes the washing experience even more pleasant.

The aim when developing Q²M Bathe+ was to simplify a complex washing routine into one simple step. With this shampoo you achieve an impressive water-repellent effect and a smooth wash. Additionally, it contains ingredients that promote self-cleaning properties, meaning your car needs to be washed less often, especially in challenging weather conditions.

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400ml, 1000ml