Q²M CeramicDetailer

  • Double action: Combines the benefits of spray sealants and quick detailers in one product.
  • Versatile use: Suitable for both dry and wet paint, and can serve as an aid during drying.
  • Compatible with coatings: Can be safely applied to all types of paint, including coated surfaces.

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Gyeon Q²M CeramicDetailer offers the best of both worlds by combining the properties of spray sealants with those of regular quick detailers. This innovative formula has been specially developed for the maintenance of ceramic-coated surfaces, which is why it is called CeramicDetailer.

This detailer is just as easy to use as the trusted Q²M QuickDetailer. Whether you are dealing with dry or wet paint, Q²M CeramicDetailer is ready to help you. On wet paint it even acts as a useful drying aid. And the great thing is that you can use Q²M CeramicDetailer on any type of paint, even if it is already coated.

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