Q²M ClayLube

Why Q²M ClayLube?:

  • Fast and Safe: Simply spray Q²M ClayLube on the surface and start claying. The claylube reduces friction and minimizes the risk of scratches during the clay process.
  • Effective Cleaning: Q²M ClayLube helps loosen and remove contaminants stuck to the paint, making the clay process faster and more thorough.
  • Easy Rinsing: After claying you can easily rinse the surface with high pressure. Q²M ClayLube rinses off easily without leaving residue.
  • Safe for the Paint: Q²M ClayLube is designed to protect your paint during claying, minimizing the risk of micro scratches.

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Accelerate, improve and simplify your clay process with Gyeon Q²M ClayLube. This advanced lubricant is designed to help your clay run smoother and more effectively, while protecting the paint.

Usage instructions:

  • Spray a generous amount of Q²M ClayLube on the surface you want to clay.
  • Use your clay to gently glide over the surface. The lubricant reduces friction and prevents scratches.
  • Rinse the surface with high pressure to wash away both dirt and lubricant.
  • When Q²M ClayLube dries, wash the surface with mild soapy water, such as Q²M Bathe. Then dry.

Gyeon Q²M ClayLube is the ultimate companion for a safe and effective clay process. Experience effortless claying with improved results and protection for your paint.

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