Q²M Iron

Main features of Gyeon Q²M Iron:

  • Effective Iron Removal: Removes iron filings, flash rust and ruts quickly and thoroughly.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for paint, rims, moldings and glass.
    pH-Neutral Formula: Safe for all surfaces.
  • Color change: Turns purple during use to indicate active operation.
  • Reduced Odor: Minimizes the typical odor associated with such products.

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Gyeon Q²M Iron is one of the most effective and quick solutions for removing iron filings, flash rust and rut chips. It has been specially developed to make cleaning surfaces easier and provide faster and more impressive results to car enthusiasts and professionals alike.

This product is versatile in use and can be applied to paint, rims, moldings and glass. It has been extensively tested on various surfaces, and the pH-neutral formula guarantees safety for all these materials. Q²M Iron’s unique formula removes even the most stubborn stains and toughest brake dust from your rims. For these reasons, Q²M Iron is an indispensable product for anyone who is serious about car cleaning.

Another striking feature of Q²M Iron is the color change during use. Within just about a minute, the product turns purple, indicating that it is actively removing iron particles. In addition, Gyeon has minimized the characteristic odor often associated with these types of products, making your work more pleasant.

Gyeon Q²M Iron is a powerful and reliable solution for removing iron filings and other contaminants from your vehicle. With this product you will quickly and effortlessly get a clean, radiant car.

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