Q²M Polish

Main features of Gyeon Q²M Polish:

  • Hologram-free Finish: Q²M Polish provides a streak-free and hologram-free finish, making your car look like new.
  • Deep Gloss: The polish brings out the deep, natural shine of your paint for a striking result.
  • Medium Sharpness: Ideal for one-step polishing and rejuvenating the paint.
  • Versatile Use: Suitable for both rotary and Dual Action polishers and compatible with various polishing pads.


Gyeon Q²M Polish is a powerful polish designed to create a hologram-free finish and a deep shine on your car. With a medium grinding grade, this product is ideal for performing a one-step freshening of your paint.

What really sets this polish apart is the brilliant shine it leaves behind. Q²M Polish is a versatile product and can be used with both rotary and dual action polishers. This makes it suitable for both professional detailers and car enthusiasts who want to perfect their vehicle at home. It can be applied with different types of polishing and finishing pads, giving you the flexibility to achieve the finish you want.

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