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Q²M Rotary Wool Heavy Cut Pad White

Most important features:

  • High Quality: Made from the highest quality merino wool for heavy duty paint repair.
  • Durable: Chemically treated for durability and long life.
    Efficient Polishing
  • Experience: The extended bristles make working on curved surfaces more efficient and safer.
  • Perfect Fit: The velcro backing fits seamlessly to the backing plate for effortless attachment.


The Gyeon Q²M Rotary Wool Heavy Cut Pads are designed for demanding paint repair jobs with rotary polishers. These pads are made from the highest quality merino wool with a very high density and have undergone special chemical treatments for durability.

The Q²M Rotary Wool Heavy Cut pads have been specifically developed for use with rotating machines. The extended bristles of the pad ensure efficient and safe work, even on curved surfaces. The pad’s velcro backing connects seamlessly to the accompanying backing plate, making centering and attachment effortless.

These pads can be used in combination with Gyeon Quartz Q²M Compound+ or similar products suitable for rotary polishers.

Additional information

Design and format

Rotary 80mm 2-pack, Rotary 130mm