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Most important features:

  • Compact and Space Saving: The innovative design allows space-saving storage of 2 polishers, keeping your workspace organized.
  • Protection against Scratches: Edge protection on the wall holder prevents scratches on your valuable polishers.
  • Professional Appearance: With the Flex WHP-1 AC/DC you can make a professional impression to users and customers by keeping your workspace well organized.
  • Durability: Made of high quality powder coated steel for durability and long lasting use.

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The Flex WHP-1 AC/DC is a compact wall holder designed for the safe storage of 2 polishing machines. Made from high-quality powder-coated steel, this wall holder not only provides a space-saving solution, but also protection against scratches and improved organization of your workspace.

This compact wall holder is ideal for those looking for an efficient and neat way to store their polishers.


Storage of 2 polishing machines.
Space-saving solution for organized workspaces.
Protection of polishers against scratches.

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