Q²M TireCleaner


  • Specialized Cleaning: Designed for effective tire and rubber cleaning.
  • Deep Cleaning: Removes old dressings and deep tire contamination.
  • Safe for All Tires: Suitable for all types of tires, including white-wall tires.
  • Coating-Friendly: Does not pose a risk to coatings like Q² Rim.


Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner isn’t your ordinary tire and rubber cleaner; it’s a specialized and highly effective product designed to effortlessly eliminate even the most stubborn contaminations and old tire dressings, reaching deep into the tire.

This potent cleaner is safe for use on all types of tires, including delicate white-wall tires, and poses no risk to coatings like the Q² Rim coating. Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner will make your tires look like new again, with a deep, clean appearance that accentuates your vehicle’s original beauty.

Choose Gyeon Q²M TireCleaner and experience the power of a specialized tire and rubber cleaner that truly delivers results.

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Weight 1 kg