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YumCars Dress V² – Tyre & Trim Dressing

  • Special formulation: for even application on various surfaces.
  • Suitable for: exterior rubber, moldings, engine compartments and interior plastics.
  • Enriched with resin polymers: for lasting protection and nourishment.
  • The product can be diluted: to meet specific application and protection needs.


Yum Dress

Improve your tire and trim care with Yum Dress, an advanced vehicle maintenance solution. This unique formula is specially designed to deeply hydrate and evenly protect rubber and moldings, regardless of the surface.

Whether it’s tires, trim, engine bays or interior plastics, Yum Dress is ready to protect and hydrate. The special water-based formula is reinforced with resin polymers for durable protection that lasts.

Yum Dress goes beyond just a surface layer – it penetrates deep into the material upon application, repairing and strengthening the surface. Add Yum Dress to your maintenance routine and give your vehicle the protection and care it deserves.

With the Yum Hexgrip you can easily apply the dress to tires and plastic in a handy bag for storage after use.

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500ml, 5000ml