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YUM Glass – Glass Cleaner

  • Advanced Technology: Developed using the latest polymer technology for optimal cleaning performance.
  • Environmentally friendly: Contains no harmful or aggressive chemicals.
  • Optical purifiers: Improves the clarity and visibility of glass surfaces.
  • Effortless cleaning: Cleans even under harsh conditions.


Yum Glass

Introducing Yum Glass, our eco-friendly glass cleaner that is safe for both your home and your loved ones. Free from harmful additives, this formula provides a clean environment without sacrificing effectiveness. Furthermore, the UV-stable formula and delicious bubblegum scent ensure that using Yum Glass is not just about sparkling results, but also about enjoying the process.

Specially formulated with an anti-fog formula, Yum Glass effortlessly removes stubborn stains such as insect splatters, tree sap, fingerprints, from the windshield. It also eliminates oils and films from smoking or fumes on the inside.

Yum Glass isn’t just for car windows; it works perfectly on navigation screens, mirrors, plastics, acrylic, flat screen televisions, smartphones, sunglasses, shower doors and all glass surfaces in the home.


Always use two glass cloths when using Yum Glass.

Spray Yum Glass onto the surface and wipe it away with the first glass cloth and use the second to wipe dry.

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500ml, 5000ml