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Allround & Coating 245 – 10 Pack

  • Specially designed fiber structure for scratch-free results: The fiber structure is designed to ensure scratch-free cleaning.
  • Suitable for removing coating, wax, polish and interior cleaning: Versatile in use for removing a variety of products, including coating, wax, polish and interior cleaning.
  • Rimless design for extra safety: The rimless design provides extra safety when cleaning.
  • Packaged in a handy set of 10 pieces: Comes in a handy set of 10 pieces for multiple use.

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The Allround & Coating 245 microfibre cloths from The Collection are the ultimate solution for a versatile and scratch-free cleaning experience. These high-quality microfiber cloths are designed with a combination of specially matched fibers and a borderless design. This results in a cloth that is ideal for various tasks, from removing coating, wax or polish to normal interior cleaning.

Thanks to the carefully engineered fiber structure and edgeless design of the cloth, you are assured of a cleaning experience without scratches and swirls. The short pile of the microfiber cloth makes it easy to apply and remove products evenly, while minimizing the risk of scratches.

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