Aqua Big Drying Cloth

  • Twisted fiber loop for optimal moisture absorption and drying performance: The twisted fiber loop construction ensures efficient moisture absorption and drying performance.
  • Remarkable weight of 1500 g/m² for excellent absorption: With a weight of 1500 g/m², this cloth offers excellent absorption capacity.
  • Suitable for drying various vehicle surfaces: Can be used for drying various surfaces on vehicles.
    Fast, lint-free and streak-free results: Ensures fast drying without leaving lint or streaks.
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The Aqua Big drying cloth is an ultimate choice for those looking for premium performance when drying surfaces. With its twisted fiber loop design, this drying towel is ideal for absorbing moisture and quickly drying any type of surface. With a remarkable weight of no less than 1500 g/m², the drying cloth offers unparalleled absorption power, allowing you to dry even the largest surfaces without wringing out the cloth in between.

Whether you’re drying a car, motorcycle or other vehicle, the Aqua Big drying cloth guarantees a fast, lint-free and streak-free experience. The high-quality construction of the fibers ensures that the drying towel quickly absorbs moisture and distributes it evenly, giving you a beautifully dry result in one smooth movement.

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