Wheel Cleaner

  • Powerful, thick gel: A powerful and thick gel that is effective at cleaning.
  • Effortless Removal of Brake Dust and Rust Film: Removes brake dust and rust film without much effort.
  • Handy purple action indicator: Has a purple indicator that shows when it is active.
  • Acid-free and pH neutral: Safe to use without acid and with a neutral pH value.
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Nuke Guys Wheel Cleaner is the ultimate solution to effortlessly remove even the most stubborn dirt. This powerful and thick pH-neutral gel delivers excellent results for all your wheel cleaning needs. Whether it concerns painted aluminum rims, steel rims or hubcaps, this rim cleaner guarantees thorough cleaning without acidic or strongly alkaline ingredients.

The pH-neutral formulation of Nuke Guys Wheel Cleaner offers safety and effectiveness, allowing you to tackle stubborn grime without the risk of damage to your rims. Its powerful gel consistency adheres firmly to the surface, giving it the opportunity to loosen deeply penetrated dirt and brake dust.

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