Classic Carpet Cleaner

  • Deep Cleaning: The Classic Carpet Cleaner penetrates deep into fabrics and carpet fibers to effectively remove dirt, stains and odors.
  • Low Foam Formula: This cleaner produces low foam, making it perfect for use with carpet cleaning machines without causing clogs.
  • Versatile Use: In addition to upholstery and carpet, the Classic Carpet Cleaner is also suitable for cleaning plastics and rubbers in the interior of vehicles.
  • Concentrated Formula: A small amount of Classic Carpet Cleaner can be diluted in water for larger cleaning tasks, making the product very economical in use.


Valet Pro Classic Carpet Cleaner is a highly concentrated cleaner that has been specially developed for thoroughly cleaning upholstery, carpet, plastics and rubbers in vehicles. This formula produces little foam making it ideal for use with carpet cleaning machines and extractors.

The Valet Pro Classic Carpet Cleaner is an essential product for detailers and car enthusiasts who strive for a spotlessly clean interior. Thanks to the concentrated formula and low foaming properties, it is easy to remove even the most stubborn stains.

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